Soul of Marwan AS - US National SUPREME Champion Junior Colt!!!


It was a magical night for all involved!  As Sandro and the young colt Soul of Marwan AS elegantly pranced to the main arena on the final night of the 2014 US Nationals the anticipation of many grew!  He entered the ring with all the confidence in the world and stood up for the judges showing the world just how amazing he is.  Bred by the Arabian Soul Partners it is no wonder why he holds a special place with them all.  Once the judges cards were in the stands sat quietly with a great deal of excitement wondering who the winner was.  Watching Sandro Pinha knelt down leaning agaist the arena wall  with his head in his hands and Soul of Marwan standing over him those few minutes must have felt like hours!  The reserve champion was called and we all knew Soul of Marwan had a very good chance at the SUPREME roses.  His name was called and the crowd roared!  One of the partners scaled the wall and ran into the ring with more excitement than has been seen by an owner in years.  It is that excitement and enthusiasum that brings the Arabian industry together.  Truly a night for the history books and a memory forever burned into our souls, Arabian Souls!