Vegas Results!


Our anticipation and excitement was high heading to the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Vegas!  Our faith ran deep with Sandro and Arabians International as we knew the horses would arrive fully prepared to compete, and they did!  The show began for us on Friday morning as Pitonisa AS entered the ring in the first of three sections of yearling fillies.  Her entrance was breathtaking and she left the ring proudly wearing the red roses with a score of 335.5.  Next to enter the ring for us was our lovely Trussardi filly Trussarsha.  In a very competitive class of two year old fillies, Trussharsha  was given a score of 330.5 and exited in 3rd place.  Later that day Evening Song IA came into the ring with Sandro Pinha for the Junior Mares of 2011.  Just as Pitonisa did, Evening Song IA left the ring wearing the roses and the highest score of the class - 336.5.  We could not have been more proud of our first day of the show.

The following day we had 2 of our junior stallions entering the ring, Titan AS and Soul of Gazal SF.  Showing first was Titan, he enteres into a stron class of two year old colts and came out on top with a score of 337!  As usual Titan demaded your attention and he entered the ring proud and boastful!  Next to enter was Soul of Gazal in the three year old colts class, he left with a score of 330.5.  On to the Championships for both the colts.

Of the 5 horses we had showing, 4 were competing on Sunday for the Supreme Championships! Of these 4 we left with the following titles:


Supreme Yearling Filly GOLD Champion - Pitonisa AS
Supreme Junior Colt BRONZE Champion - Titan AS
Top Ten Junior Mare - Evening Song IA
Top Ten Junior Colt - Soul of Gazal SF


A heartfelt thank you to Sandro Pinha, Gil Valdez and the Arabians International team, we would not have had this success without your trust and belief in our vision.