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While the partners of Arabian Soul have been individually involved with horses for 30 years, it was at the Scottsdale show in 2011 when their connection with the Arabian horse was born. The beauty, elegance and charisma of the breed quickly captured their attention and they knew immediately that the Arabian horse was destined to change their lives forever. While at the Scottsdale show, they were introduced to Sandro Pinha and Gil Valdez of Arabians International and the journey to success began.

With partnerships formed and friendships made, it was then time to find the right first horse. From the beginning, the Arabian Soul partners have been dedicated to breeding and presenting only the highest quality Arabian horses for the betterment of the breed. Therefore, it is fitting that their first horse, a stunning Marwan Al Shaqab filly, would go on to be named Scottsdale Unanimous Champion Yearling Filly. She was later sold and went on to be named 2012 United States National Champion.

This early success proved not to be a destination for the Arabian Soul Partners, but rather the beginning of a world-class program. In just their first year of breeding, the partners produced a colt of such quality and charisma that many breeders dream of producing in a lifetime. Soul of Marwan AS was special from the beginning with his long, well-shaped neck, charismatic movement and large dark eyes. Though it wasn’t long before the rest of the world discovered this treasure, as he would go on to shatter expectations by claiming titles such as 2014 Scottsdale Res Champion Jr Colt and 2014 US National Supreme Champion Junior Colt with Sandro Pinha on the lead. In 2015 he returned to the ring with a fire unmatched by any colt at Scottsdale and captured the title of Scottsdale Jr Champion colt. He has cemented the Arabian Soul partners as an influencer of the Arabian breed and helped set high expectations for the future. With his first foals arriving on the ground, the partners look forward to the next chapter in the legacy of Soul of Marwan AS.

While Soul of Marwan has certainly influenced the Arabian Soul Partners, there was another colt purchased from Psynergy Group that was destined to be the cornerstone and foundation of what the partners stand for. Sired by the legendary El Nabila B, Titan AS has proven himself a worthy heir to a noble legacy of champions. From his bold movement to his stunning head, this dynamic individual has proven himself, again and again, a champion at heart. The crowning jewel of his many championships came as a three year old in Las Vegas when he bested the breed’s greatest colts by winning the 2015 Arabian Breeders World Cup Supreme Gold Champion Junior Stallion title with Sandro Pinha. Titan AS will forever be the cherished heart horse of the Arabian Soul Partners and is now making his mark as a sire.

In his limited breeding career, Titan has already produced a number of champions. At the 2018 ABWC, his daughter Aphrodite ENB, out of an Enzo daughter and owned by the Psynergy Enterprise Developments LLC, was named Reserve Champion Yearling filly. Another jewel sired by Titan AS and out of Pitonisa AS is the 2018 ABWC Bronze Champion Jr Filly, Royal Piruetta AS, now owned by Royal Arabians.

Though as any world class program understands, success requires more than just a great stallion. The mares of Arabian Soul are truly the heart of the program. Arabian Soul has been fortunate to have had a number of treasured mares excel in the program both as show horses and as producers of show horses. One mare that is undeniably one of the most celebrated show horses of her time is none other than the celebrated Ever After daughter, Pitonisa AS. Bred by Lisa Markley and Leanne Reel of Scottsdale, Pitonisa was soon purchased by the Arabian Soul Partners to begin her journey to celebrity status. Regardless of her age, the show or the competition, Pitonisa AS consistently brought home championships for the Arabian Soul Partners at the most prestigious shows across the United States, including Scottsdale, Las Vegas and United States Nationals. Just a few of her most celebrated accomplishments include 2014 Scottsdale Champion Jr Mare, 2014 ABWC Supreme GOLD Champion Filly, 2014 US National Supreme Reserve Champion Jr Filly, 2015 Scottsdale Champion Jr Filly, 2015 ABWC Supreme Silver Champion Jr Mare and 2015 US National Champion Jr Filly. The list goes on, but the team of Pitonisa AS, the Arabian Soul Partners and Sandro Pinha on the lead always resulted in the same success. Albidayer Stud is now the proud owner of this universal treasure and the Arabian Soul Partners wish her the best of luck as she embarks on her next journey as a producer.

Arabian Soul Partners is proud to be the home of a number of dynamic mares including successful show horses and valuable producers. Some of their most notable show mares include US National Res Champion Yearling Filly, Evening Song IA, Canadian National Champion, HED Caramba and Region 1 Res Champion Mare, SW Victoria and Region 3 Reserve Champion, Trussarsha. Not only does Arabian Soul strive to have some of the most beautiful show mares, but also to have some of the most progressive bloodlines the breed has to offer. They have collected daughters from some of the greatest producing stallions such as Shanghai EA (LA Salalah), Padrons Psyche (Psexi NA), Gazal Al Shaqab (CC Jameela) Magnum Psyche (HED Caramba) and Trussardi (Trussarsha).

Through the regal bloodlines of Arabian Soul mares and the unprecedented show records of the Arabian Soul stallions, our program is designed to create dynamic individuals with the presence, attitude and conformation to enhance the Arabian breed and accelerate progress. Our horses are not bred simply to win, but rather to contribute to the community of the Arabian horse. Our horses are also bred for their athletic ability and it is important that they are also rideable. Though above all, it is of utmost importance to Arabian Soul that each horse has a big heart and kind temperament infused in their attitude of victory.

Arabian Soul has been fortunate to have contributed their breeding to the most elite programs in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the United States. Many horses bearing the AS suffix have graced the top arenas in Europe and the United States and have consistently proven the quality that Arabian Soul stands for. While the victories and triumphs are deeply appreciated and enjoyed, it is the friendships and partnerships formed over the past nine years that truly made the journey with the Arabian horse unforgettable.

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